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Our cinematographic productions

Lost in the Farallones (2017)

It´s an independent movie that was produced in the city of Santiago de Cali and its genre is fiction – environmental drama, dynamic with a poetic language for the public in general.

This Project invites us through his images to walk and value the different natural landscapes of the territory, on the other hand, it reveals us the part of the women as a leader in the transformation process for the forgiveness, women as mother nature who embrace us and teach us to live in peace.

Synopsis: An environmental lawyer achieves the shut down of illegal miners in the Farallones of Cali, because of that he suffers an attempt in which his wife was killed; this leads him to a choice of forgiving or avenge the killer. With his friends by his side, he decides to take action in the matter, look out for his daughter and the water of his grandsons.

View full movie in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XO3egC2OMig

4 Friends (2021)

Four friends decide to fullfill the dream of one of them that have a terminal illness; in the walk of their lifes through the Farallones of Cali, they try to finish it before the illness ends with their dreams and hopes. This fiction drama was recorded in the spectacular landscapes of the mountains of Cali.