10 DAYS RETREAT (10 days- 9 nights)


•       DAY 1: Transfer Cali – Pueblito Pance. Hike Villa Cielo – Vereda El Autumn, Finca Santa Ana (8K).

•       DAY 2: Finca Santa Ana – La Candelaria – Vereda Dosquebradas, Nature Reserve A Tale in the Clouds (10K)

•       DAY 3: A Tale in the Clouds Nature Reserve – Path of El Faro, Tierra Magia (9K)

•       DAY 4: Tierra Magia – Rest.

•       DAY 5: Magic Land – Virgin of Yanaconas – Pichindé – Peñas Blancas Township – El Pato Trail, Truchilandia Nature Reserve (16K)

•       DAY 6: Truchilandia (El Pato) – La Leonera, Bichacué-Yath – Felidia, Hostal Techo Amarillo (10K)

•       DAY 7: Hostal Techo Amarillo, Felidia – Kilometer 18, Hotel El Faro del 18 (14K)

•       DAY 8: Hotel El Faro del 18 – Finca Alejandría. Break.

•       DAY 9: Hotel El Faro del 18. – Dapa – Chicoral, Tea Fields, Recinto de los Sueños Ecolodge (18K)

•       DAY 10: Enclosure of Dreams, Chicoral – La Cumbre (15K). Transfer to Cali.

Detailed itinerary:

DAY 1: Cali – Pueblito Pance. Hike Villa Cielo – Vereda El Autumn, Finca Santa Ana.

6:00 am: Pick up of passengers in Cali. Transfer by vehicle Cali – Pueblito Pance located to the south, on the slopes of the Farallones de Cali.

7:00 am: Breakfast at Finca Villa Cielo , where Augusto, our host, who after much effort, has managed to feed the hummingbirds with his own hands and offers tourists the opportunity to live this beautiful experience, worthy from the beginning of this adventure.

9:00 am: Warm-up (always done before starting the walks) Farewell to our hosts and departure from Finca Villa Cielo to the path of El Autumn .

Mindfulness practice. Ascent along a path to the Alto del Trueno crossroads. Rest and snack.

Descent and strong ascent again with mindfulness practice , to Finca Santa Ana in the village of El Autumn.

2:00 pm approximately: Arrival. Stretching (always done at the end of the walks) Reception by Helder and Matilde, the hosts of this day, in their simple country house, near which they have adapted a pleasant and rustic camping area with a spectacular view among the fruit trees . 

Lunch and rest.

Optional: Visits to the Escondida Waterfall or Las Esmeraldas (half an hour and one hour respectively). Waterfall bath . Return to the farm house.

Optional: Visit to the Quartz Mines. Meditation on a quartz bed.

7:00 p.m.: Dinner. Earthing and campfire gathering (weather permitting). Activity to collect the day : Circle of the Word. 

Accommodation and rest in tents or rooms of the peasant house, from where you can see the cities of Cali and Jamundí and a good part of Valle del Cauca.

DAY 2: Santa Ana Farm (El Autumn) – La Candelaria – Dosquebradas Trail, A Tale in the Clouds Nature Reserve.

6:30 a.m.: Breakfast. Warm up, farewell. Mindfulness practice and start of the walk along a rising path, to later take a steep descent to La Candelaria . Refreshment.

Continuation of the ascent. Stop at the farm of Enrique Oramas the Environmentalist. A bit of history of the region.

Detour and strong ascent to see the La Reina Waterfall . Waterfall bath . Snack on the terrace/restaurant, attended by its owner Carlos “Cebolla”.

I return part of the way and continue along a cart to the Nature Reserve A Tale in the Clouds. This site, located on the Filo de la María, offers its visitors a 360° panoramic view. From there you can see three waterfalls in the mountains: Alto de las Iglesias, La Reina and La Española, a large native forest of 90 hectares and below, the city of Cali and the plains of the Cauca Valley, with the Cordillera Central as a frame. tens of kilometers away.

3:00 pm: Arrival – stretching. Reception by Monica and her son Diego. Lunch. Free afternoon to enjoy this natural balcony, cool off in its outdoor showers or in the pool, take nature photography, talk, meditate or simply… rest.

6:30 p.m.: Dinner. Gathering night. Workshop “The Four Agreements of Toltec Wisdom” Activity to pick up the day : Circle of the Word .

Lodging and rest in the reserve, in camping or rooms of the peasant house in cabins.

DAY 3: A Tale in the Clouds Nature Reserve (Dosquebradas) – Corregimiento de Los Andes, Vereda El Faro, Tierra Magia.

6:30 a.m.: Breakfast. Warm-up, farewell and departure along a path that goes into the Forest of Silence. Forest Bath . Then descent towards the path El Minuto . Trail ascent. Mindfulness practice. Arrival at Finca El Recuerdo where a stop will be made to have a peasant snack.

Continue uphill until you reach the Vereda El Faro, the Finca Villa Laja . Welcome from our friends Chucho and Marlene, a friendly couple of peasants from Nariño who settled in the region more than 20 years ago.

Lunch surrounded by hummingbirds .

Transfer and accommodation in Tierra Magia, where the young couple, Monica and John, develop an Experimental Space for Sustainable and Community Practices.

Optional: Screening of one of the fiction films shot in these places: “ Perdido en los Farallones ” or “4 Amigos ”. Conversation with some of its directors and/or protagonists . Activity to collect the day : Circle of the Word.

Accommodation and rest in Tierra Magia or Villa Laja.

DAY 4: Tierra Magia – Rest.

In the morning:

Tierra Magia – Nature connection activity inspired by the 4 elements.


Optional: visit to the Casa Arboleda Holistic Spa, where you can have some of the following experiences: therapeutic massage, harmonization therapy and energy release, reiki, craniosacral therapy, comprehensive spa. (15 minutes by car – cost not included)

Optional: Visit to Finca La Perojosa to carry out extreme ecotourism practices focused on self- improvement: bridges and balance steps, canopy, rappel and canyoning (one hour walk -cost not included)

Optional: Visit to the Andoque Butterfly Garden: a space in which visitors experience the conservation of the ecosystem, with a wooded garden, integrated with a butterfly garden covered by polyshade mesh, which houses more than 15 native species of butterflies with all their host plants and other needs environmental. In turn, it has a large scale map of Colombia where all the geographical regions, its hydrography, main cities, fauna and flora can be glimpsed. (15 minutes by car – cost not included)

Yoga session. Gathering. Activity to collect the day : Circle of the Word.

Food and lodging in Tierra Magia or Villa Laja.

DAY 5: Tierra Magia – Virgin of Yanaconas – Peñas Blancas – Vereda El Pato, Truchilandia.

6:30 a.m.: Breakfast. Warm-up, farewell to our hosts and departure to visit the Monument to the Virgin of the Andes , popularly known as Yanaconas, built 80 years ago on the edge of a mountain, with bricks and cement carried on the back of a mule. From there a spectacular panoramic view of Valle del Cauca.

Continue uphill to the Peñas Blancas path , a name given by the rocky walls that dominate the landscape.

12:30 pm: Arrival at the small village of Peñas Blancas . Refreshment.

Ascent and practice of mindfulness to Finca El Encanto Andino . Reception by Don Gildardo, peasant leader of the region, his wife Yolanda and grandmother Libia, who makes a delicious manjarblanco (typical sweet made with milk). Lunch.

2:00 pm: Continuation of the walk to the Corregimiento of La Leonera , Vereda El Pato to the Truchilandia Nature Reserve.

5:00 pm: Arrival and welcome by Orlando and Lucely.

Optional: Visit to the waterfall. Waterfall bath .

Dinner and talk with its inhabitants: ancient and recent history . Activity to collect the day : Circle of the Word.

Accommodation and rest in Truchilandia, in a shared space, in cabins.

DAY 6: Truchilandia (El Pato) – La Leonera, Bichacué-Yath – Felidia, Hostal Techo Amarillo.

6:30 a.m.: Breakfast. Warm-up, farewell and departure by taxi to La Leonera.

Visit to Bichacué-Yath Arte y Naturaleza, which in the Paeces indigenous dialect means “bird sanctuary”; a magical garden converted into a theme setting, inhabited by fantastic clay characters such as fairies, elves and gnomes, for learning and exchanging knowledge. Medicinal plants workshop.

Lunch and continuation to Felidia to reach the Techo Amarillo Hostel,

Approximately 3:00 pm, arrival at the hostel and welcome by Mrs. Zuly, tourist entrepreneur of the region.

Accommodation in comfortable cabins. Rest (pool)

Dinner. Night: Yoga session. Gathering. Activity to collect the day : Circle of the Word.

Accommodation and rest in the hostel.

DAY 7: Hostal Techo Amarillo – Felidia – Kilometer 18, Hotel El Faro del 18.

6:30 am: Breakfast, warm-up and transfer to the town of Felidia , to start a strong ascent through some steep steps that lead us to the upper part of the urban area, where the aqueduct is located. Then you take a cart to later enter the spectacular San Antonio Forest. Forest Bath. Ascent by trail to Alto de las Antenas with mindfulness practice . Refreshment and rest.

After this, the section becomes smoother, walking along a cart until you reach a group of farms and continue uncovered one section, another by path inside the forest and again on the cart until finally reaching Kilometer 18 of the road to the sea.

Lunch at K18.

Continuation to the Hotel El Faro del 18 .

Approximately 3:00 pm, arrival and accommodation in comfortable rooms.

Rest (the hotel has gardens, trails, hammock area, swimming pool and jacuzzi)

Dinner. Gathering. Activity to collect the day : Circle of the Word.

Accommodation and rest at the hotel.

DAY 8: Hotel El Faro del 18 – Rest.

Visit to Finca Alejandría ” El Paraíso de los Hummingbirds”- bird watching practice of mindfulness. This site, Hotspot in ebird with 347 species of birds counted and registered, such as hummingbirds, tanagers, blue-headed sapphires, toucans, barranqueros and in season, birds as magnificent as the crested eagle and the quetzal, is run by Raúl, an Argentine in love with these lands and dedicated to conservation and birdwatching.

Return to the hotel to enjoy its facilities.

Gathering. Activity to collect the day : Circle of the Word.

Food and accommodation at the Hotel El Faro del 18.

DAY 9: Hotel El Faro del 18 – Dapa – Chicoral, Enclosure of Dreams.

6:30 am: Breakfast and departure on a cart to the town of Dapa . On the way mindfulness practice.

Lunch in Dapa.

Continuation of the walk to the village of Chicoral , Corregimiento de La Cumbre . I pass through the tea fields of Agrícola Himalaya.

Arrival at Recinto de los Sueños Ecolodge . Reception by Sebastian, our host. Accommodation in comfortable shared rooms. Dinner.

Optional: Chimney night – projection of the film: “ Lost in the Farallones ” or “ Four Friends ”. Conversation with some of its directors and/or protagonists.

Optional: Temazcal (cost not included)

Gathering. Activity to collect the day : Circle of the Word.

Lodging and rest in the Recinto de Los Sueños Ecolodge.

DAY 10: Enclosure of Dreams, Chicoral – La Cumbre – Transfer to Cali.

6:30 am: Breakfast, warm-up, farewell and departure to the Chicoral cruise.

Optional: Visit to the Musicoral Foundation, a music school for young peasants from the region who perform Colombian rhythms, winners of various choral competitions . Participation in a trial (depending on availability)

Continuation of the walk by cart towards the town of La Cumbre , until finding the railway. Group reflection moment . Continuation of the tour in brujitas – handcrafted wooden cars, with balineras, that move along the rails of the railroad and are used to transport tourists.

Optional: Stop at La Chorrera next to the railway – therapeutic bath.

Arrival at the Summit. Lunch.

Transfer by vehicle La Cumbre – Cali. On the way, Exercise Double Circles . Activity to collect the experience : Circle of the Word.

Arrival in Cali, to the accommodation site.

Farewell of the participants.

End of our services.


Nationals: $2,900,000 COP
Foreigners: 770 USD

Extreme Colasistencia secure 2021

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