Cali – Valle del Cauca – Colombia – South America

Itinerant retreats in the mountains of The Farallones of Cali.

Experiences for body, mind and spirit.

These programs are focused on strengthening our internal balance and consist of walks and stays (itinerant retreats) from 2 to 10 days, along the eastern face of Los Farallones de Cali, between Pueblito Pance and La Cumbre.

During these, the participants live enriching experiences, connecting with themselves, with the natural environment and with their fellow travelers and hosts, such as: mindfulness, active meditation, earthing, yoga and acroyoga, universal energy, ionic detoxification, music therapy, exercises of conscious breathing, forest baths and waterfalls, temazcal and healing experiences.

“We go through different trails that connect these majestic mountains with strategic stops to spend the night in simple peasant houses or mountain lodges. We enter magical cloud forests, listen to the sounds of nature, delight in the water in streams and waterfalls, fill our retinas with color and landscape, observe beautiful tropical birds, butterflies, starry nights, luminous sunrises and sunsets; we let ourselves be surprised by the exuberance and diversity of fauna and flora, as well as the warmth and simplicity of its inhabitants. And as a result, we reduce stress, increase self-awareness, develop a greater capacity for discernment and compassion and improve our general well-being. Upon returning from the mountain, we will be open to new possibilities of life in a more full and conscious way”

Difficulty level
moderate +

During the tours of these mountains, there are ascents and descents, trails, trails and carts. There may be sun and rain, mud and humidity.

Number of participants

Out of respect for nature and to achieve the objectives, the groups of walkers will be reduced. Minimum group: 4 walkers (less than this amount is previously quoted) Maximum group: 10 walkers.

All our programs include:
  • Previous induction talk about the characteristics of the route and the experiences to live. Face-to-face or virtual according to particular conditions. Each participant will be previously given a Document with Recommendations on the equipment to be carried, as well as General Conditions and a Copy of the Subscribed Insurance.
  • Ground transportation from Cali, to the start site of the experience. Participants will be picked up at their agreed place of accommodation or meeting point in Cali (urban area). Likewise, at the end of the retreat, transportation back to Cali, to the agreed site in the urban area of ​​the city of Cali.
  • Accommodation in rural farms (camping or shared rooms) and in mountain lodges, according to the chosen itinerary.

Note of interest: Several of the places to spend the night are veritable balconies with panoramic views over tens of kilometers, which allow you to appreciate the extensive plain of the Valle del Cauca, reaching the view as far as the Cordillera Central, where on clear days you can see the white peaks of the Snowy of Huila.

  • Well-being activities such as: Mindfulness, active meditation, Earthing, Yoga and Acroyoga, Universal Energy, Ionic Detoxification, Music Therapy, Forest Baths, Baths in Uncontaminated Waterfalls, Conscious Breathing exercises, Personal Travel Log, Temazcal and others healing experiences, guided by our facilitators, according to the sessions to be carried out.

Note: In the detailed itinerary we place some as an example; These will depend on the participating group and availability.

  • Typical Colombian food throughout the experience: breakfast, lunch, dinner and two daily snacks, starting with breakfast on the first day and ending with lunch on the last day. Optional: vegetarian or vegan food (must be informed in advance).

Breakfast (options): coffee, chocolate or aromatic, corn arepa or bread, cheese, scrambled eggs, parakeets or in a saucepan; changua (soup based on milk, water, egg, onions and cilantro that is served with bread and hot chocolate; fruits and cereals with yogurt. 

Lunches (options): Sancocho (soup with yucca, corn, potatoes and plantain, white rice and chicken or hen); beans or paisa tray (white rice, red beans, ground or minced meat, plantain, chorizo, pork rinds, fried egg, arepa and avocado); atollado rice (souped rice, chicken, pork, different kinds of potatoes, vegetables, condiments and served with fried plantains and hogao); valluna chop (breaded or breaded pork loin, accompanied with white rice, fried plantains and salad); regional soups and main course with protein, vegetable salad, starter and accompanying rice. Drinks: seasonal fruit juice, aguapanela, coffee or aromatic.

Dinners (options) light food: Arepa with cheese; Chicken fillet with salad; mixed sandwich; tamal valluno (mixture of meat, vegetables and corn dough wrapped in banana leaves); pasta. Drink: chocolate, coffee, aguapanela or seasonal fruit juice.

Snacks (options): typical fruits of the region; buñuelos, pandeyuca or pandebonos (made with corn flour, cassava starch, cheese and egg); aborrajados (piece of ripe plantain stuffed with cheese and breaded); marranitas (fried green plantain stuffed with crispy and shredded pork rinds); fried empanadas with chicken or meat; panela pieces; nuts; guava sandwich; lullaby Drinks: aguapanela, aguapanela with lemon, lemonade, natural juice, coffee or aromatic.    

  • Permanent accompaniment of a specialized bilingual guide, or monolingual with a translator.
  • Colasistencia Extremo travel insurance, which covers participants 24 hours a day, during the 10 days of the journey.
  • Permanent support of the logistics team for any need. All overnight sites have vehicular access in 4×4. Own vehicle and campers from the region are available for any eventuality.
  • First aid kit and emergency kit.
  • Communications: two-way radios and mobile (in 80% of the route there is a signal and in almost all the places where you spend the night, Wifi)
Not include:
  • Other transportation, food, accommodation or services not specified in this program and in the detailed itinerary.
  • Other expenses or services not specified.